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We’re all about helping you to live a pain and stress-free lifestyle – starting right from the beginning: your booking! You can use our online booking system to book your next appointment or class quickly and easily, whenever it suits you. Alternatively, you can call 8418 3812 & we’ll sort it out for you.

Stretch Therapy is a world-renowned method of improving flexibility, range of movement, muscle strength and muscle re-patterning throughout the body. We run casual & term classes out of our Adelaide clinic in Malvern on Unley Road, and our Tanunda clinic on Murray Street.

Whether you’re experiencing muscle tightness, pain, or injuries, you’ll be given a treatment method to address your individual concerns. The remedial treatment you receive is designed to maintain muscle health long term – allowing you to live an active, pain-free lifestyle.

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That’s the mantra our Remedial Massage Therapist, Amanda ‘Mandy’ Sandow, lives by. Coming up on her second year with Bodyline Health, Amanda has settled into the wonderful world that is remedial massage in Tanunda. So, to celebrate, we’re sharing the love! In her time with Bodyline, Amanda says the highlight of her time with us so…

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  • "It has helped speed up recovery from sporting injuries and works well along side physio treatment. I found stretch therapy great for increasing flexibility as well as being a stress release and self confidence builder." - Veronica
    Friendly experienced staff who are amazing at what they do!
  • "When I am stressed my body is stressed and regular remedial massage helps me relax, sleep better and loosen up. I am able to feel more comfortable and fulfil my work obligations and be healthier on my days off." -Lindy
    It’s been great for my mind and body.
  • "I have been helped by both Stretch Therapy and regular remedial massage. Regular stretching and massage works well for me as one of the ways I maintain my good health. I have also found that sometimes I need an extra remedial treatment to help manage acute problems that occur from time to time." - Jenny
    My body is more comfortable to be in!
  • "I'm super-tight through a combination of computer work, gym work and general stress, so the regular treatment helps keep bigger issues at bay (and reminds me to keep trying to stretch and use my foam roller at home)." - Lia
    It’s a professional but relaxed atmosphere.

Holly Hicks

Founder, Remedial Massage Therapist & Stretch Teacher
Tel: (08) 8418 3812
The Founder of Bodyline Health International, Holly got her foot in the health industry door via the changerooms at Waybacks Football Club in Port Lincoln. Not put off by a roomful of sweaty players, Holly took her passion to Adelaide, finished her Diploma in Remedial Massage, and learnt from a range of health practitioners before opening the doors to Bodyline Health International in 2004. To find out  more about Holly, click here. To make an appointment with Holly, click here.

Amanda Sandow

Remedial Massage Therapist
Tel: (08) 8418 3812
Amanda completed her Diploma in Remedial Massage in 2009, and has since spent 5 years working in the SANFL for Woodville West Torrens and the Port Adelaide Magpies A-grade teams. With her background in sporting injuries, treatment and prevention, Amanda loves a good challenge, as well as helping every day people overcome any injuries or simply maintaining their good health. To find out more about Amanda, click here. To book an appointment with Amanda, click here.

Bodyline Health International was founded in 2004 by Holly Hicks, an Adelaide remedial massage therapist with over 14 years of professional experience. Over time, we’ve grown to become one of South Australia’s leading providers of holistic pain management solutions.

Our Adelaide massage therapy pain relief treatments include remedial and sports massage, corporate and workplace massage, pregnancy and postnatal massage and Stretch Therapy. View our services and make a booking below. We look forward to helping you!

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