Holly Hicks

Holly Hicks

HealthLuxe Founder | Elite Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist | Stretch Coach
The Founder of HealthLuxe (formally Bodyline Health International), Holly got her foot in the health industry door via the changerooms at Waybacks Football Club in Port Lincoln.

Not put off by a roomful of sweaty players, Holly took her passion to Adelaide, finished her Diploma in Remedial Massage, and learnt from a range of health practitioners before opening the doors to Bodyline Health International in 2004.

Now, having moved up north to the beautiful Sunshine Coast and with almost 20 years’ experience, Holly is still as passionate as ever about collaborative care and loves working in conjunction with other allied health professionals to gain the best possible outcome for each of her patients.

When asked about staying healthy, Holly’s immediate response is, “Stay active! Our bodies are designed to move. Find every opportunity to move and stretch. Even if you don’t notice a difference instantly, the payoff will be long term.”

She’s certainly no pretzel, but she practices what she preaches in her popular Stretch Therapy workshops and programs!

Request a booking with Holly at healthluxeliving@gmail.com