What Is Stretch Therapy?

Stretch Therapy is a world-renowned method, developed by Australian Kit Laughlin, and is a safe, effective and extremely efficient way of improving flexibility, range of movement, muscle strength and muscle re-patterning throughout the body.

It can help to reduce muscle tension and introduce your body to a new way of movement.

A range of small group, private and online coaching workshops and programs are available

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Stretch Therapy: Benefits

Flexibility plays an integral part in physical and mental well-being, and stretching allows you to release muscular tension and reduce common aches and pains associated with stress, age and too much desk time.

  • Helping to teach you about your own patterns of tension and how to change them
  • Allowing you to gain a deeper insight to yourself
  • Loosening up your body
  • Enhancing your range of movement
  • Promoting graceful, efficient movement and a deep sense of ease
  • Reduced pain and discomfort in your body

Stretch Therapy also helps to relax the body and encourage a better night’s sleep.

With regular Stretch Therapy, you’ll notice significant improvements in the way you move and feel, starting right from day one!

Stretch Therapy also can be very beneficial if you do Pilates or Yoga.

The method encourages the body to get into a variety of poses and positions, then designs specific techniques to loosen tightness.

Group class sizes are small so instructors can give you their full attention, allowing you to get the most out of every session.

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